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Above the Tin: The Opportunity

In early 2012 I had the opportunity to follow the students of the Access Youth Academy to two national championship tournaments and it changed my life. If other people see this story, I think it could change their’s as well. This is the first in a series of blogs about our feature length documentary Above the Tin. We have…

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6 Video Interview Tip(s) for Talking Heads

Here are a few video interview tip(s) that will help ensure that your Talking Head video is a great success. Someone asked you to be in a video or maybe you’re making one to promote your new business. Maybe you’ve won an award for excellent work that you’ve done in support of that organization. You’ve agreed…

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Welcome to the New

Welcome to our new website and the home for our 2017 Video Production Reel. This new website represents a step into the future for Infrastructure Productions. The redesigned site, along with our all new 2017 Video Production Reel, reflect all of the hard work done by our team. But more importantly the new website highlights…

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