Welcome to the New Infdv.com

Welcome to our new website and the home for our 2017 Video Production Reel.

This new website represents a step into the future for Infrastructure Productions. The redesigned site, along with our all new 2017 Video Production Reel, reflect all of the hard work done by our team. But more importantly the new website highlights the great work that we have done on behalf of our clients.

One of my favorite things about putting together our new website has been looking back through our older projects. This process has made me realize that we’ve had an opportunity to produce videos for some of San Diego’s most well respected companies. La Jolla Playhouse, Cymer, Sharp Healthcare, Scripps Health and Vistage Worldwide have all trusted us to produce high quality videos for their brands.

In addition to that redesigning a website is also great for realizing the scope of services that we offer. Not only are we a full service production company, we also offer consulting services and regularly help out clients set-up and maintain YouTube channels.

New Site Tour

Our new website was designed by Carlos, our company’s tech guru. While we opted for a more traditional looking WordPress site, I like that it still has some bells and whistles. For instance, I love how the stats about video in our The Why: section animate in the first time you’re on the page.

I also think that our home image Is extremely clean and classic. Usually I am not a fan of the dark color palette, but I think this is smooth, sophisticated and fits our brand perfectly.

2017 Video Production Reel

In addition to our new website, we have a brand-spanking new Video Production Reel ready for your viewing pleasure. This features some really cool projects that we had the pleasure of working on this past year. Highlights include a stunning time-lapse that we captured for a marketing video highlighting the DiamondView East Village property. I love seeing the lights switch on in Petco Park and in the building just after the sun sets.  Other highlights include the motion graphics editing we did on a video for Vistage Worldwide.

Brand New, All-Different Infrastructure Blog!

In addition to the new website and reel, we are relaunching our Blog. The good news is, if you’re reading this post you already know about the Blog. Future blog posts will include Case Studies, Production Diaries and video production tips that will help you level-up your next production. Keep an eye out for more blog updates in the near future.

Wrap it Up!

Overall, I’m very happy with the new website. It looks great, it is easy to navigate and our 2017 Video Production Reel is our best yet. Please tell us what you think by leaving a message in the comments of this blog.  Or visit us on Facebook and let us know what you think of our new website and reel there. In addition, please “Like” our page if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks again for checking out our new site. I hope that you’ll check this page from time to time to see what we’re up to.

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